What our students have to say about Pegasus (Theatre West)

"Pegasus is an experience that truly changed my life. It's a place where you can express yourself freely and discover the greatest art of all : Theatre. Without Wayne, I wouldn't have the confidence nor the ability to express myself in a great manner. I have met some wonderful people during my 10 years at Pegasus and we... of course, all share a special bond. I am so thankful for everything Pegasus has given and I know that anyone that chooses to enrol will not be let down. Thank you Wayne once again."

Philippe Lynch


"There are too many ways to describe the possible impact Pegasus will have on your life. A second family, new opportunities, things to learn about yourself and about acting. You can gain experience as an actor out going or not due to the social nature of the school. Wayne West knows how to relate, teach and find the balance between mutual respect and being in charge. If you don't see him as a good teacher you'll see him as an amazing friend or if not a father away from home. So come on how many people have to tell you this man and this school changed our lives forever... SIGN UP ALREADY!"

Samuel Fauteux


"Pegasus was a really life changing experience for me. The reason I started Pegasus was because I was going through some times, and I felt the need to enrol myself in something positive. Pegasus was a great way to spend my Saturday afternoons and I would recommend it to absolutely anybody. The people there are just amazing, and I guarantee you that you will want to be there every week. Of course, Wayne is a great director as well ! Never a dull moment."

Megan Parise


" Pegasus is honestly the reason for my being whom I am now. I spent three years with Pegasus, and each year I grew more confident and independent which therefore transformed me into the colourful butterfly I am now :) I love you guys and hopefully I won't stay broke so I can come back to rock the stage once more!!!"

Kerry-Ann Thompson


"Ok, here we go.  Pegasus truly changed my life.  I would not be the person I am if it were not for Pegasus and for Wayne.  This school started by making me less shy in general.  When I started in 1998, I was an extremely shy girl who would hardly talk unless I knew you well. Through the Pegasus Acting classes I gained more and more confidence, and by the time I left... I am sure Wayne sometimes wanted me to stop talking!  Pegasus also did something magical to me, it gave me the love of theatre, and I am now in a professional theatre program and continuing to act.  So much of who I am is connected to the Pegasus Theatre school, and the fun I had there.  I can not even imagine what my life would have been if I did not go to Pegasus and had the constant support from Wayne who has become like a father to me.  I suppose now that I have tears rolling down my face it would be time to stop writing this and get on with my day!"

Jill Lalonde


"Being in Pegasus has been one of the funnest experiences I've ever had. I joined in the fifth grade, and am hoping to continue into my 5th year this fall. Some of my best friends now are people i met through Pegasus, and some of my fondest memories are ones i made there. My favorite Pegasus memory is from my first year..., when we put on Pirates of Transylvania. I was cast as Captain Jacklynn Swallow, my favorite role to date. I hope that this program will continue to thrive for many years to come."

Lindsay Peets